Best thing you can do for your business?


Wanna know the best thing you can do for your business?

“Drum roll please….”

Take A Break!

Seriously, it most likely could do wonders for your online biz. I am one to talk, I need to walk my own talk, because I am terrible for sitting in front of the computer too much. More than I need to.

To go along with that… If your one to glaze at the screen far too long, how many of those MANY hours are productive? That’s the point really. Of all the hours I sit in front of this box, there are many hours that are NOT productive because I spend too much time at the keyboard. Doesn’t help that i seem to guilt myself in to that stink’n thinking, that I must work harder, much get this or that done, and on and on.

To my defense, as far as being productive, I really don’t play Angry Birds that much lately. Honest!

I find that I end up refreshing myself, my brain and my enthusiasm when I take a break. Thinking clearer, more idea’s and problem solving improves dramatically.

So take it from me, or prove it to you yourself, a break will do you good.

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