Getting REAL Comments to Your Blog

Just a quickie today. (get your mind out of the gutter!)

If your new to blogging, nothing is more thrilling and exciting is when you start getting comments.

Not only are you stoked that people are actually reading what you type…

Your even more thrilled when they leave comments that go on about how good your post or article is.

Then you realize it’s just spammers and automated link builders.

Dang, bummer, dang.

But there is a solution…

There is a easy way to get legitimate comments to your blog. Did I say easy?


Comment on other people’s blogs.

Now, there needs to be a disclaimer here…

This tactic will probably NOT bring you buyers or customers. It could but honestly it’s mainly going to bring you other bloggers who are leaving comments so they can get links and traffic back to their own blog.

Of course there is NOTHING wrong with that. It’s what bloggers do, it’s what I do.

My point is, it is a a way to the ball rolling when it comes to getting REAL, GENUINE comments to your blog.

It’s going to help turn your blog from looking like a ghost town to something that just might be worth your visitors time.

You could amp it up even more and find blogs that use something like CommentLUV. It’s a good way to drive traffic and get comments to specific posts.

That’s it for today.

If you have anything to add, please leave a comment below.

Roger Over and Out.

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