Now that’s personality…

I was browsing Craigslist last night, something I’ve been doing quite a bit lately. Hey, you can find anything there, and probably some things you don’t want to find, but that’s another story.  Plus the prices usually can’t be beat.

Anyways, if you’ve surfed the site, you’ll know that most ads really stink. Of course these people are not marketers, so it’s understandable. Though seems like any one should be able to at least add a picture. And they wonder what their stuff doesn’t sell.

But this is not a craigslist, sell-your-junk, marketing lesson.

I came across and ad I loved and I had to tell you about it.

The title was “Buy my awesome crap”. Grabber already.

The ad went on at length talking about everything that was for sale. Pretty much a garage sale.

What I thought was FANTASTIC was a line in the ad. It Read… “If you find a glass of wine, don’t drink it, it’s mine. I’d like to finish it”.

Might not be correct word for word, but I thought it was personality to the max. And a great example of standing out, being yourself, being unique. Something we can all learn from, and be inspired from. It sure made me think.

They say this is the age of personality marketing. As you know, there is alot of competition, so more than ever, we need to stand out and make a impression.

Food for thought.

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