1 Simple Yet Very Powerful Marketing Tactic

1 Simple Yet Very Powerful Marketing Tactic

Let me ask you something…

Are your blog visitors not coming back for more?

Are your emails not getting opened?

Not getting enough engagement on social platforms?

What if I told you there is a simple marketing tactic that could help you solve all those problems?

A technique that ANYONE can use?

Word of caution through, it can be a very powerful weapon.

Sure your brave enough?

Don’t say I didn’t I warned you…

Thing is, this powerful concept is being used ON YOU every day and you probably don’t even realize it.

What am I talking about?


Wikipedia can explain it better than I could:

A cliffhanger or cliffhanger ending is a plot device in fiction which features a main character in a precarious or difficult dilemma, or confronted with a shocking revelation at the end of an episode of serialized fiction. A cliffhanger is hoped to ensure the audience will return to see how the characters resolve the dilemma. 

Do you see the important part here?

“to ensure the audience will return”

Look at pretty much EVERY television show series, how does each one end?

With a cliffhanger.

Or at the end of the show, they give you a quick glimpse (preview) of what is coming in the next show. Getting you all excited, so you CAN’T wait to see the next episode.

So you’ll… “tune in next week”.

Not only is television famous for this at the end of the show, they do it quite often during the show. To keep you glued to the screen, to sit through the commercials, because you HAVE TO see what’s going to happen.

You want to see how it’s done?

Get idea’s as to how you can harness this incredible weapon?

Learn from the experts.

Time and battle tested.

Just start paying close attention when you watch television. Or listen to the radio. I bet after reading this, you’ll see them being used everywhere.

But, how do can you use this concept for your marketing?

So glad you asked…

Blog Content

This could be as simple as splitting up your blog posts into parts. Some bloggers have content written ahead of time anyways, could be quick and easy to divide it up into one than one post.

Although, if your writing less than 500 word posts, it might not be a good idea.

If you do have content written ahead of time (as you should), you could leave a blurb in your current post, talking about what is coming in your next post.

Such as:

“Next Time I’ll Be Giving You The Scoop About _________”.

“Tomorrow I’ll Tell You About _____”.

“You Don’t Want To Miss My Next Post, It’s All About ______”.

Ya, I know those may not be the best examples, but I think you get it. Your smart like that.

A very powerful side benefit is that there will be a better chance of visitors subscribing to your blog updates, so they don’t miss the next installment.

(might even be a good place to put your subscriber/opt-in box. hhmm…)

TIP: If you’re going to use this for future content… if you don’t tell them exactly what the next entry will include, use hints, or create curiosity, you’ll have better success hooking them, and get them to come back. 

Along the same lines. If you turn your blog posts into PDF’s (as you should be), what if you put a cliffhanger at the end of your blog post, saying there is even more in the PDF version.

Something along the lines of:

“Download the PDF version of this article and you’ll discover how to increase your Google+ Profile Views”.

Okay, I admit that is not your typical cliffhanger, but you have to admit it’s a tempting idea. Kind of related. Right?

Think about it. Isn’t one of the main objectives when growing your blog, return visitors?

I see very few bloggers doing this.

Yes, myself included.

Email Marketing

I try to do this with all my follow series autoresponder messages. At the end of your emails, could also be in a P.S., you talk about or hint at what is coming in your next email message.

Easy huh?

This works best for follow up series because you’ll have future emails already written. But if you write your broadcast emails in advance, it could be used in the same manner.

How does this improve your email marketing?

Done well, your subscribers will start to look forward to your emails, which means you’ll improve your open rate.

It also increases the interaction, opens and time reading, with your subscribers in their inbox. Email services are watching to see how users interact with each email sender. I’ve seen it happen first hand. I stopped reading a certain marketers emails and guess where they start flowing to? The junk/trash folders.

I’ve also seen it work in reverse. One marker I was getting emails from, ones I had stopped opening or reading, was going in to my junk folder. I started opening them and guess what?

His future emails started landing in my inbox.

Don’t take me word for it, try it yourself.

Test the theory.

But do you see the power here? What it could do for your email marketing?

And I don’t have to tell you when you get more emails opened, you’ll improve your click through rate and on promotional links you’ll sell more stuff.

One more idea while I am on the subject…

Cliffhangers are also perfect, and actually required, if you’re doing multi page squeeze pages. Often referred to as reverse squeeze pages. These are multiple pages with content, such as an article on each page.

To get more people to the next page you need to end it with a cliffhanger.

Make them want to go to the next page.

Social Marketing

When possible, and which is usually the case, leave only snippets of your content on social sites. Using a cliffhanger just before the link.

Even when your posting your entire piece, what if you ended it with a…

“Next week I’ll Give You The Secrets For _____”

You leave them wanting more.

Product Launches

You’ve probably seen this one done to death. But it’s done so often because it works and it can work VERY well.

This could be a simple series of emails that hint at what your launching, or better, reasons why they need to make sure they check it out. Again, you build up the curiosity.

Where else can you use Cliffhangers?

How about Podcasts?

What about video’s?

Giveaway Reports?

I’m sure you can conjure up even more spells to place upon your readers to get them coming back for me.

What do you think?

Anything to add?

Do you use Cliffhangers?

Let us hear what you have to say on the subject.

Be sure to leave a comment below….

Stay Tuned… I’ll be releasing my “Advanced Internet Marketing Guide” in my next post. Sure you don’t want to miss it.

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1 Simple Yet Very Powerful Marketing Tactic

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