Difference Between Big Success and Little Success

Wanna know the difference between online marketers who are highly successful and those that seem to only struggle?

(I don’t like using the word Failure because that only applies to those that give up completely. And I’m sure it’s not the case with you).

Why is it that some people crush it online and others have trouble making a dime?

Although, you can’t believe what every one says. Some are those trying to fake it till they make it. But that’s another story for some one else to tell.

Back on topic…

So what’s the secret?

Highly successful people DO MORE.

Wow, revelation huh?

Yes, it is NOT the ONLY secret, but it’s one of the most important.

Seriously though, the top 5% are at the top because they did more than all those below them.

One marketer I know of, not personally, but have “followed” for a long time…

Wrote and submitted over 10,000 articles. Sure that is a TON of writing, but you know what?

That’s paid off for him in a big way. He’s leveraged that traffic to build huge email lists and I’m know he’s killing it.

How many marketers do you know that created that much content?




Exactly my point. He did more than almost every one else and it put him at the top of his game and he’s making mad money.

Yes you probably know of others who do alot, but I bet, those compared to the whole, are a very small percentage.

Writing a warehouse full of articles might not be your bag. Wouldn’t be mine, I can tell you that.


What if you did more when it comes to what your currently doing?

Another example…

Look at WSO’s. Some of the top people are the ones that turn out new WSO after WSO.

They do more than most all other forum members. I fall into the bottom percentage on that one as well.

But again… they are killing it because they did MORE than almost every one else.

I was putting up some products for an affiliate platform tonight and I was feeling a little lazy.

Finished one and wasn’t sure if I wanted to do more. Have like 5 more in the hopper.

Then I thought…. NO. I am going to get them all up and running today.

Instead of adding only one, I could have 6 or more.  At least 5 times the chance affiliates will pick up something, promote it and I make some cash.

The more you put out there, the more that could come back to you.

Whether it be traffic or sales.

What if you did just 5 more blog comments today?

What if you contacted 5 more blogs this week asking if they take guest posters?

What if you wrote just one more article today and posted it on an article directory?

What if you created one extra blog post each week?

What if you created just one extra product each month?

The sky is the limit.

More so if you do even just a little extra.

It’s you choice.

Now, you might argue that you just don’t have the time. You could very well be correct.


I can guess that many of us waste tremendous amounts of time each day.

Solitaire and Warcraft are my vices. What about you?

There are also plenty of folks who spend a little too much time on social media. And I am not talking about marketing their business.

Facebook you can be an evil time-sucker.

Pinterest your just as bad.

Sure this doesn’t apply to you. Just saying that it can happen to other people. Just putting it out there.

Listen I get it. I really do.

Been doing this online since 1998. It can be frustrating. It can be a struggle. And it most defiantly can be a discouraging. No doubt about it.

I’ll tell you I’ve lost count how many times I’ve sat in front of this computer, not sure what to even do next.

All I’m saying is, the next time your tempted to “like” your cousins new food find, what if you instead did something that would help your business?

Before firing up the game, what if you decided against it and started a new blog post?

Do that enough times and you’ll more further towards that top 5%.

Like I said, there is more to online success that just doing more. You need to do what works. It helps to work smart and efficiently.

But it all starts with one thing… doing something. The more “something” you do, the more you’ll get back. I know I’ve proven that fact.

Anything to add? I’d love to hear what you have to say.

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