Gmail Really Rocks!

Well, for the most part. I just discovered a very cool feature today by accident. Maybe I’m the last to know?

I just learned that you can drag files into your message to add them to the email as attachments. How cool is that?

Before I use to do it by hand with the browse window and have to go through all the folders on my computer to get to the right one.

Not any more! Ta-Dum!

I am feeling like a such a Smarty today!

And you thought I’d only be talking about PLR. 🙂

Only thing that bugs me about Gmail is that some times when I try to send emails with attachments, it says I am trying to send an EXE file, when I am not, and it won’t let me send. Arrggh. But not always.

You have a Gmail tip you’d like to share?

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