How Your Clickbank Product Can Crush it

I’ve spent a ton of time browsing the Clickbank market place, looking for products to promote and it REALLY amazes me what I find. Not in a good way either.

Let’s face, love or hate the site, they do have a huge group of affiliates that could put your product on the map and fill up your bank account. With that said…

First off, it’s like putting hair just to find an affiliate page for many clickbank products. Not sure why. Doesn’t make much sense. I also understand some product owners don’t want traffic leaks, like an affiliate page link. But given the benefits, I wouldn’t call it a “leak”.

Granted some people don’t put a product on clickbank for the affiliate action. Though can’t see why they wouldn’t, but I am sure it happens. So some people have an out.

Second, when I do find the affiliate page, MANY of them have little to no materials of any use. Surprisingly, many don’t even have banners and those that do have banners have few sizes or pretty crappy looking ebook covers.

Next, it’s rare to find an affiliate program that gives any content. Let’s face it, affiliates can be lazy, or they can be busy, not all of them have the time to write content. Plus, who knows the product better than the product owner? Who would be better to write compelling content?

Each affiliate will have different needs, but content should include, blog posts, articles and just as important, email swipes.

Remember, the more sales ammunition you provide, the more the affiliates are going to promote your product. More promotion means more sales.

Last but no least, and not everything really, but, I see quite a few sites that don’t even work properly. Ya gotta keep an eye on your site and check it off to make sure it’s all working. That one affiliate you lose because your site is not working, could be the one that makes your house payment.

To sum it up and give you a check list:

Easy to find affiliate page
Make it simple to create hop link
Banners in ALL sizes and shapes
Content, such as reviews, blog posts
Keep tabs that your site is working properly
While these seem like common sense to most people, you’d be shocked how few clickbank products cover even some of the above. Don’t believe me, check for yourself. I’ll wait.

Cover all the bases listed above and I guarantee you’ll be far ahead of any competition and you’ll probably be in the top 5% of the best affiliate area’s. Do I need to tell you how many more affiliates you’ll get and how many more sales you’ll probably make? You will be crushing it!

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