Never Ending Blog Commenting Tips

Lately I’ve been doing quite a bit of blog commenting and I’ve seen many “mistakes” by other comments.

So I thought I’d start a list of the do’s and don’ts of blog commenting. I titled it never-ending because I’ll be adding more as they come to mind.

This list also includes my own mistakes of course. 🙂

I could think of a good way to order them, so well… they are in no particular order.

1. Leave a genuine comment.

It shouldn’t need to be said, but seeing so many comments, it does need to be said. If you don’t have the time to leave a quality comment, well that blog commenting is probably NOT for you.

We all know that most really bad comments are software bots posting comments automatically, no human involved.

But, frankly, there are some humans that don’t seem to care to REALLY contribute.

Sorry, “Great Post” is not genuine and contributes about as much as another leaf on the lawn.

Even more important….

The better your comment, the more you might get from your post, such as traffic and new customers. Your there anyway, why not take the time to make a quality remark? That extra couple minutes could bring you more business.

Let’s be honest, how likely is some one going to click on your link, go to your site and do business with you, if you leave a lame comment? Chances get lower.

2. Re-Read Your Comment

Here’s a mistake I’ve made maybe once of twice. Okay, maybe more.

Even though most of use have spell check that shows use when we mess up, things still happen. Or maybe you typed too fast and a sentence doesn’t make sense, or the grammar is off.

Just remember, once you click the submit button, there is no going back.

Do you want your mistake up on the internet forever?

3. Get the blog owners name right.

This one actually surprises me. Some one leaves a comment, mentions the bloggers name and get’s it wrong. I’m not talking about slightly wrong, I mean quite wrong.

Today, reading a blog post made by a blogger named Ruck, a commenter called him Ralph. Ouch.


Seriously, who likes it when they are called the wrong name?

I don’ think you could call it rude, but it does seems somewhat disrespectful. Well, just my opinion maybe.

Rather be called Bubba or Chief  than to murder my name. Right?

4. Take your time.

While this has actually been covered in other posts, it bares repeating.

Take your time when commenting, so you get the message right, the bloggers name correct, ect.

We make mistakes when we rush. I know I do. My two fingers don’t always hit the right keys.

5. Post Your Picture (and not some fake hot girl)

I was kind of late on this one, but I have fixed it. Though I still need a new picture… please.

Most blogs, most every one I visit uses Gravatars. Which is a service (free), that let’s you set up a profile, including a sexy picture of yourself. Use the email address you used for the profile, on the blogs your commenting on, and PRESTO, you picture shows up automatically. Neato Cool.

You can get your own here: Gravatar

 6. You Don’t Need to Comment on Every Post

While I have been doing quite a bit of commenting lately, I don’t comment on every single blog post I read or come across.

Frankly, I am not interested in everything. So if i can’t leave a valuable comment, I don’t bother. I’m sure not going to disrespect the blog owner by doing the “Thanks for the post” lame comment. Probably wouldn’t get approved anyways.

Also, if it’s not going to bring you targeted traffic, or close to targeted, why bother? Seriously.

“That’s all you got Ron?”

Yep,  my brain is not working correctly at this moment.

It should be fixed by tomorrow.

If they still have the parts.

What are your blogging commenting tips?

(course it never fails, I’ll probably come up with many more idea’s when I’m trying to fall asleep tonight.)

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