Your Blog is [bleep]ing Boring

Just my two cents here…

I read many blogs, on a daily basis and frankly, many of them are boring as all get out.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are many intelligent people in the blog-sphere putting out some fantastic content.

No doubt about it.

Also, this post is NOT about the actual CONTENT.

So I’m not knocking any one here.

I’m also not trying to come off as some blogging super star.

Not like I’ve kept up with my own blog here.

(though that is changing).

And I’m not saying the way I write or format my blog posts is the “way it should be done”.

I am only stating what I see as a blog reader and visitor.

Reading so many blogs, there seems to be a pretty clear thread…

Ton’s of boring text.


So many big, long blocks of text.

Come on, that’s no fun to read! It’s hard on the eye’s and even on a subconscious level, argh again.

It looks like “work”.

Why do you think top email marketers make their lines short and sweet? Why do you think they use so much whitespace?

To get people to read the message, get them clicking, get their subscribers to take an action.

Should a blog be so different?

Why not make it easy to read? So it’s not such a chore.

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I’m just an odd duck. But I think I am not the only one.

If your still with me, here’s a few suggestions:

  • Use Bold When it applies
  • Add Highlighting When it Applies
  • Shorter Sentences
  • More sub titles (bigger text)
  • Lists like this one
  • Images can dress up your posts greatly (need to take my own advice)

Sure you can come up with even more. Your smart.

Entertain them!

Why do you think reality shows are so popular? I [bleep]ing hate them. Seriously. Can’t stand them.

(well, except for the cooking ones, that’s SO different. It is really!).

Doesn’t matter what I think, the people have voted, and it’s the reason 80% of television shows these days are reality based.

You don’t have to be smart. You don’t have to be famous. You don’t have educate. You just need to entertain and BAM your a tv star.

What would happen if you entertained your blog visitors?

What would happen if you made them laugh?


One last thought… an important one…

Add some freaking personality!

I know for myself, it’s tough for me to always get my personality into my writing. In the real world, I am a very funny guy. I enjoy making people laugh, teasing, kidding, ect. But I find that many times when I get to pecking at the keyboard, that sense of humor doesn’t always come out.

Guessing I am not the only one.

I think we often get into this mode, maybe we think we need to be professional to get or keep readers? We think we need to be all “business”.

Or we think if we show our goofey side, they will stop visiting out site.

I think goofy is good. Now if your too strange, that might put some folks off.

Let’s be honest….

any one can put up a blog and fill it with content. It’s not that difficult.

Heck you could fill it up quickly with PLR, copy and paste a full blown blog in a day.

And even more honestly, it’s usually NOT the content that makes one blog more popular than another.

What makes the difference is, personality, entertainment, a story, humor, easy to read.

Your mission, should you accept, is to take a look at your blog posts. Are they boring? Would you want to read them?

Yes? No? What do you think?

Just something to think about 🙂

I had better get off the toilet now.

(If you were bored reading this, forget what I just said)

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