PLR Profits Idea #42 – Offline Marketing

If your doing offline marketing..

You know, selling real-world business certain internet services, here’s an idea for you.

It’s great to land a brick and mortar business client,

Make the big sale and pad out your bank account.


Smart marketers (which you are of course) go after that recurring cash. Those monthly payments that give your biz some financial security.

Most marketers charge monthly maintenance fee’s, such as taking care of a website.

Nothing wrong with that, it’s good thinking, it’s smart business.

But why not grab even more cash?

Every business requires one thing…

More customers. Period. End of Story.

We also know it take more time/money/resources to obtain new customers, than it does to keep the ones you already have.


The pitch could go something like this:

Hey Mr/Mrs Business Owner, you know your business can only thrive if you have a steady flow of customers through your front door. I can provide you with the perfect online solution, and I’ll do all the work for you. I’ll create an unique and custom newsletter tailored to your business, each and even month. I’ll even send it to your customers on your behalf.

Simple but effective.

Hey, shouldn’t I get a consulting fee for the perfect pitch? Perfect Pitch, get it?

Okay, bad jokes aside, I think you get the point.

What to include in the newsletter would be simple as asking the owner or employee’s for tips, tricks, or faq’s about their business or service. Grab their literature for content.

If you run out of idea’s, you could also fall back on PLR. But of course 🙂

Perfect opportunity for your client and for you.

They get more customer contact and you get some monthly cash.

Here’s another version…

Some business owners want to be more hands on. In that case, you could publish a Internet Marketing Newsletter for offline business owners.

Oh the idea’s keep coming.


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