PLR Affiliate Program has Launched

plr affiliate program plr affiliate program PLR Affiliate Program has Launched plr affiliate program 2

For many years now people have asked if there was a plr affiliate program for the store.

Always had to tell them there was no such animal. Bummer dude.

Up until a few months ago it wasn’t an option because the software I used to run the store did not have the feature. With the old software, everything added needed to be hard coded. Everything. It was a pain in the you know what.

And since I already hard coded like 6 modifications, it was getting to be more of  mess. The code line numbers sure did not match like they use to.

I can hack php and break scripts with the best of them, but there sure is a limit to my coding skills.

You too?

And frankly the old system was just getting and looking tired. Outdated. Not really mobile friendly either. Sure can’t have that these days. Too many texters to ignore.

Having an affiliate program was only one of the many important reasons I really needed to convert the store to something better.

Faster forward to today…

The store has been converted. So happy it’s done. Plus there are many new features with more coming.

Won’t bore you with the details in this post, I’ve covered the new system here: Upgrade Notice and Big Changes

Best news…

I am proud to announce that the PLR affiliate program is up and running. Even have some affiliates already.

You can get all the profitable details here: PLR Affiliate Program

I’d love to hear what you have to say about it. Always looking for feedback. Good or bad, I can take it.

And of course, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Here’s Just a few ways to profit from the PLR Affiliate program:

  • Blog Posts – Creating a new blog post and you want a quick and easy way to make some money from it? Stop by, grab a link to any product we carry, insert it in to your blog post and done. About 10 minutes of your time.
  • Give Away Reports and PDF’s – Generate more than a subscriber with your give-away items by adding highly targeted links to highly related digital products.
  • Download Pages – Put more money in your pocket by adding banners or links to your download pages. For set it and forget it income.
  • Social Media – Share your affiliate links on your social media accounts and drive traffic to the program and earn some commissions.
  • Review Post – Done with sincerity, reviews are a proven way to not only push traffic, but to gain higher conversions. Do a review and make it sticky. Add it to your sidebar.

More ideas to come…

So hop on over and get signed up: PLR Affiliate Program

Can’t wait to send you some cash 🙂

Ron Killian


  • Mark Newsome

    It’s obvious you’ve definitely been extremely busy Ron!

    You put your head down and got things done.

    And as soon as you mentioned anything about coding,
    after my eyes finish glazing over!LOL!

    I’m on the first bus out of town!LOL! Because I simply
    have no clue about that sort of thing.

    It’s clear, you have developed a ton of extremely marketable skills!

    Thanks for giving a small glimpse into some of the things, extremely
    successful marketers do!

    • Hey Mark.

      Good to see you again. Yep, head down again, getting stuff done. Don’t always roll that way, but I’ve been checking things off the list. Feels good.

      As I said, no coder here. Hacking things up at best 🙂

      Appreciate the comment and thanks for stopping by.

  • Enstine Muki

    Hi Ron,
    Having an affiliate program is a great way to get people to work for you.

    I do like doing things in PHP but I hate when it comes to trying to add stuffs to old code. I prefer something new 😉

    I’m now on board and planning to do some promotions through my blog and social media. I’m sure the conversion will be awesome 😉

    • Hey Enstine,

      Hope all is well with you.

      Thanks for the comment and sorry for my delay in responding. Been neglecting this blog lately. Need to get back into it.

      Fresh code is most helpful. Though of course i don’t do much coding these days. Just little changes here and there. No need to break anything. 🙂

      Yes, you are on board with the affiliate program and I am happy to have you. Hope I can send you some cash soon.

      And, please, if you have any feedback, good or bad, I am all ears.

      Good to see you again. Talk to you soon.

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