Unlock Hidden Profits From Your Blog

Oh Ya I am back!

Locked myself up the last few months to get a major project finished. One I had been working on for WAY to long.

Really, Really needed to be done.

It was do or die time. And since I am typing this I must have come out on the other side.

Also took me some time to get back in the “writing” mood. Not that me and my two fingers put out great american novels, but we peck out some stuff at times.

So, I’ve released myself back in the general population. Early release for good behavior?

Time to get back to bizness.

Today’s topic…

Grabbing more profits from your blog. Sounds good, right?

hhmm.. maybe that’s a very over-used cliche. But it’s the best I could scratch out at this moment.

When many bloggers are struggling to make some cash, there are a several over looked and often forgotten opportunities.

Either they don’t think about it, or they don’t know? I learn new things every day.

Time to get down to the subject at hand.

Time for some rules, don’t you think?

Rule Number 1

You are here to make money!

As funny as that sounds, you’d be surprised at how many people can not seem to get that in their head.

Now hang on a second cowboy…

I am true believer in the old adage that says:

Help Enough people get what they want and you’ll get what you want

Well, that may not be the exact phrase word for word, but I think it’s pretty close.


And yes, it can give us warm fuzzies when readers rave about our content.

But at the end of the day we do this for one reason

To pay the bills, put food on the table and survive.

The point is, do not be afraid to sell on your blog. In moderation of course.

Don’t be afraid to recommend or suggest products and services related to your content or blog. Put ads in your side bar and, content when it makes sense.

Every time you create content, you should be thinking about how you can monterize or hook in related products or services. It should be a part of the process.

Remember paid products and services can help your readers, and they may thank you for it.

On to one big problem…

Rule Number 2

Quit giving EVERYTHING away!

I am shocked how many marketers seem to give away the entire store when it comes to lead generation or listbuilding.

Naturally we need to give “something” away to get people into our funnel.

We need to give them a reason to submit their email or click a social share button.

But you don’t need to give out 50 ebooks to get their email address. Why would they buy anything if you give them so much for free?

It’s all about what’s in the content.

One page of good “stuff” can be worth more to people than 50 ebooks.

Frankly if you have to bribe people in big way to get something as simple as a email address, you might want to take a closer look at your content and marketing.

Now, I am not saying you need to make your visitor take an action every time for everything you give away, but it is a good practice.

You could also go another route… One tactic I use from time to time, is to give away something with no strings attached. I do this for those who might be very resistant to giving up their private information.

The idea is to get your name or website out there as much as possible, including those who don’t fill in opt-in forms or squeeze pages.

Some visitors might not know you or trust you enough to give you access to their inbox.

It’s a big deal for some people.

So those no-strings-attached pieces of content can get your foot in their door, build trust and build that all important relationship.

I shouldn’t have to remind you, if you do give away something without any action needed, you better make sure that content has your name and links all over it. We’d like to think everything will remember us, our content and our site, but sorry, you’re not the only game in town, it’s way too easy to be forgotten on the net.

Bonus Tip: Search engines do index and display PDF file’s in the search results. Another way to get traffic and it’s easy. Just saying.

One last thing, as I’ve already mentioned, it does not always have to be about getting the email address, getting visitors to share your stuff socially, like with a content locker setup, can be just as good as building a list.

Speaking about freebies…

Rule Number 3

I get emails from two marketers in particular that give away few gifts. Usually a couple times a month.

It’s a good idea. I am sure it helps build and keep a relationship with their subscribers.

Thing is, they both set up links to their “gifts” in the email.

You know the drill, click the link, the download begins.

Nothing real bad about this.


A better idea is to have the link go to a download page. A page that can include ads or links that can make you money.
Not saying you’ll make mad money with this tactic. But what was it making before?

Right, Zero.

Most importantly, once you set it up it’d done.

Set it and forget it?

My favorite form of income generators.

Of course I am not talking about setting up a banner farm. That’s SO 80’s internet marketing and didn’t’ really work well back then.

Although… there is nothing wrong with putting something for sale under your download links.

At the very least, you’re getting them BACK to your site.

You’re getting them back in your funnel.

It could also be a space to put links for ad swaps, a squeeze page, use it for clickbanking… and so much more.

I know you can come up with something. Your smart.

Last thought, what about your 404 page? Have you done anything with it? No matter how good you are, on rare occasions visitors will see that page.

Could be set up to promote something, or it just sends them to your main page. Just don’t leave them having.

Reminds me to check out my own.

Bet you’ve heard this one…

Rule Number 4

You must have a mailing list.

Oh this one is done to death, I know. Maybe you hear about it constantly because it’s that important?

hmm.. maybe?

Obviously it’s important because it CAN be one of the few traffic sources you have some control over.

Or better said… it’s more dependable and can be on tap when you need it.

These days there is NO excuse not to have a mailing list.

At the very least a simple mechanize for people to subscribe to your blog to get the latest tasty content. It’s easy with services such as jetpack, feedburner and most autoresponder services offer RSS to email options.

NOTE: GetResponse has a fantastic RSS to Email listbuilder. And some pre-made templates just for this purpose to go with it.

And, please, please, please

Don’t just say “Subscribe to my blog”


Give your optin title some punch, create some excitement so your visitors WANT to sign up, otherwise they won’t.

It’s all about squeezing the most out of the traffic you do get.

Got it? Good.

Okay, those are my rules and I am sticking to them. Well, not exactly my rules, but they are some of the important ways to pull in more profits and they are ALL tactics ANY ONE can use.

Do you have anything to add? What did I miss? Leave a comment below, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

And don’t forget to click the share buttons. Sharing is caring?

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Unlock Hidden Profits From Your Blog

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