Unlock Hidden Profits From Your Blog

Unlock Hidden Profits From Your Blog unlock hidden profits from your blog

Oh Ya I am back!

Locked myself up the last few months to get a major project finished. One I had been working on for WAY to long.

Really, Really needed to be done.

It was do or die time. And since I am typing this I must have come out on the other side.

Also took me some time to get back in the “writing” mood. Not that me and my two fingers put out great american novels, but we peck out some stuff at times.

So, I’ve released myself back in the general population. Early release for good behavior?

Time to get back to bizness.

Today’s topic…

Grabbing more profits from your blog. Sounds good, right?

hhmm.. maybe that’s a very over-used cliche. But it’s the best I could scratch out at this moment.

When many bloggers are struggling to make some cash, there are a several over looked and often forgotten opportunities.

Either they don’t think about it, or they don’t know? I learn new things every day.

Time to get down to the subject at hand.

Time for some rules, don’t you think?

Rule Number 1

You are here to make money!

As funny as that sounds, you’d be surprised at how many people can not seem to get that in their head.

Now hang on a second cowboy…

I am true believer in the old adage that says:

Help Enough people get what they want and you’ll get what you want

Well, that may not be the exact phrase word for word, but I think it’s pretty close.


And yes, it can give us warm fuzzies when readers rave about our content.

But at the end of the day we do this for one reason

To pay the bills, put food on the table and survive.

The point is, do not be afraid to sell on your blog. In moderation of course.

Don’t be afraid to recommend or suggest products and services related to your content or blog. Put ads in your side bar and, content when it makes sense.

Every time you create content, you should be thinking about how you can monterize or hook in related products or services. It should be a part of the process.

Remember paid products and services can help your readers, and they may thank you for it.

On to one big problem…

Rule Number 2

Quit giving EVERYTHING away!

I am shocked how many marketers seem to give away the entire store when it comes to lead generation or listbuilding.

Naturally we need to give “something” away to get people into our funnel.

We need to give them a reason to submit their email or click a social share button.

But you don’t need to give out 50 ebooks to get their email address. Why would they buy anything if you give them so much for free?

It’s all about what’s in the content.

One page of good “stuff” can be worth more to people than 50 ebooks.

Frankly if you have to bribe people in big way to get something as simple as a email address, you might want to take a closer look at your content and marketing.

Now, I am not saying you need to make your visitor take an action every time for everything you give away, but it is a good practice.

You could also go another route… One tactic I use from time to time, is to give away something with no strings attached. I do this for those who might be very resistant to giving up their private information.

The idea is to get your name or website out there as much as possible, including those who don’t fill in opt-in forms or squeeze pages.

Some visitors might not know you or trust you enough to give you access to their inbox.

It’s a big deal for some people.

So those no-strings-attached pieces of content can get your foot in their door, build trust and build that all important relationship.

I shouldn’t have to remind you, if you do give away something without any action needed, you better make sure that content has your name and links all over it. We’d like to think everything will remember us, our content and our site, but sorry, you’re not the only game in town, it’s way too easy to be forgotten on the net.

Bonus Tip: Search engines do index and display PDF file’s in the search results. Another way to get traffic and it’s easy. Just saying.

One last thing, as I’ve already mentioned, it does not always have to be about getting the email address, getting visitors to share your stuff socially, like with a content locker setup, can be just as good as building a list.

Speaking about freebies…

Rule Number 3

I get emails from two marketers in particular that give away few gifts. Usually a couple times a month.

It’s a good idea. I am sure it helps build and keep a relationship with their subscribers.

Thing is, they both set up links to their “gifts” in the email.

You know the drill, click the link, the download begins.

Nothing real bad about this.


A better idea is to have the link go to a download page. A page that can include ads or links that can make you money.
Not saying you’ll make mad money with this tactic. But what was it making before?

Right, Zero.

Most importantly, once you set it up it’d done.

Set it and forget it?

My favorite form of income generators.

Of course I am not talking about setting up a banner farm. That’s SO 80’s internet marketing and didn’t’ really work well back then.

Although… there is nothing wrong with putting something for sale under your download links.

At the very least, you’re getting them BACK to your site.

You’re getting them back in your funnel.

It could also be a space to put links for ad swaps, a squeeze page, use it for clickbanking… and so much more.

I know you can come up with something. Your smart.

Last thought, what about your 404 page? Have you done anything with it? No matter how good you are, on rare occasions visitors will see that page.

Could be set up to promote something, or it just sends them to your main page. Just don’t leave them having.

Reminds me to check out my own.

Bet you’ve heard this one…

Rule Number 4

You must have a mailing list.

Oh this one is done to death, I know. Maybe you hear about it constantly because it’s that important?

hmm.. maybe?

Obviously it’s important because it CAN be one of the few traffic sources you have some control over.

Or better said… it’s more dependable and can be on tap when you need it.

These days there is NO excuse not to have a mailing list.

At the very least a simple mechanize for people to subscribe to your blog to get the latest tasty content. It’s easy with services such as jetpack, feedburner and most autoresponder services offer RSS to email options.

NOTE: GetResponse has a fantastic RSS to Email listbuilder. And some pre-made templates just for this purpose to go with it.

And, please, please, please

Don’t just say “Subscribe to my blog”


Give your optin title some punch, create some excitement so your visitors WANT to sign up, otherwise they won’t.

It’s all about squeezing the most out of the traffic you do get.

Got it? Good.

Okay, those are my rules and I am sticking to them. Well, not exactly my rules, but they are some of the important ways to pull in more profits and they are ALL tactics ANY ONE can use.

Do you have anything to add? What did I miss? Leave a comment below, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

And don’t forget to click the share buttons. Sharing is caring?

You can also download a PDF of this post here:

Unlock Hidden Profits From Your Blog

  • Hey Ron,
    Welcome back! Hope your project was successful!

    On this topic, success with a blog depends on how proactive the blogger becomes. The most profitable blogs I have seen are those from bloggers that have strategized and employed actionable tips!

    It all begins with identifying the needs of the readers/visitors and creating products and solutions that meets those needs or problems.

    Yes, I quite fancy the four rules you have discussed here. They make sense and are practical!
    This comment shared in kingged.com as well

    • Hey Sunday.

      Good to be back. Just getting back in the “groove” has taken come time.

      Yep, bloggers who have put in the work and the right work can reap the benefits. I agree, identifying your audience is of the utmost importance.

      Glad you like the post. Appreciate you stopping by and leaving a comment 🙂

  • Great tips.

    “Remember paid products and services can help your
    readers, and they may thank you for it.” so apply rule number 1 by sharing/posting products or services to
    lend a hand to your readers is a good line of attack to get-up-and-go some
    income in your blog. It’s simple, yet it could help every marketer.

    While the number 2 rule is something to mull over. You are
    right that “We need to give them a reason to submit their email or click a
    social share button.” which is right and a must. Doing so will drive
    readers or followers to do an action beneficial to your blog’s success.

    All in all, the tips are great! A must read!

    • Hey Metz,

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Simple is good. And yes, need to urge visitors the best we can to take the action we want. Only makes sense to get the most from our traffic.

      Appreciate the comment. 🙂

  • Hey Ron,

    Good to see you back after THE PROJECT!
    You’ve shared some executable tips here and shared a few gems reading in-between the lines.
    A couple of questions:
    – do you find a lot of people like to download your PDF version of blog posts?
    – does Google rank the PDF download page separately or just give you an extra thumbs up for the post in general?

    • Hey Mr David,

      It’s good to be back. 🙂

      I don’t track how many download the PDF, and that is a very good question. I should. Now I am thinking how to track it. Don’t want to use a link redirect program as that might hurt/stop SEO? Seems I’ve seen plugins that tracks such things, I need to find one. Sure it could be done with GA, but I don’t know exactly how to set that up. Might be in my stats, I’ll have to check.

      I just link to the full PDF, I don’t use a download page for that purpose. So G’s index’s and ranks the actual PDF document. And of course we know we can search for different file types, such as filetype:pdf “keyword”, so could be another “page” or piece of content that could get ranked and drive traffic. Though I do not have stats on how many searchers use those functions.

      Nice to see you, thanks for the comment!

  • If you are not blogging to get your word out there and are selling something you are out to lunch. I go to so many sites and have no idea what they are selling. The ones that do coaching hide it so you have no idea.
    You need to blog regularly at least once a week. The more people hit onto your site, the more Google sees it as a viable site. I don’t sell from my blog site but have links and images so you know when you stop by my site that I sell promotional products. Nothing is hidden

    • Nice to see you Arleen.

      You got it, you need to be selling, or what’s the sense? I see it too, all the time, people almost hiding their promo links.

      Appreciate your thoughts. 🙂

  • mark newsome

    First of all Ron I must echo David’s comment, it’s awfully good to see you back!!

    And I can only imagine, whatever your project is that had and has you that
    laser focused, it must be pretty awesome!

    And I’m quite sure when the appropriate time comes, you’ll let us know!
    Can’t wait!LOL!

    First of all, I absolutely love your four “golden rules” as it were!

    And as soon as I read you headline, I immediately thought to myself,
    “this is gonna be so good!”LOL!

    And numbers 2 & 3 are definitely my two biggest takeaways!
    Along with persistent list building 101 of course!!LOL!

    It’s as if some online marketers truly missed their real calling in life!

    There were definitely meant to be working with various charities! Seeing “how” much
    they love to freely give so much away!LOL!

    Great tips and thanks so much for sharing them!And it’s definitely
    good, that your fingers are back on the keyboards once again!LOL!

    • Hey Mark,

      Thank you it’s good to be back. Now it’s catch up time.

      Project has been done and public. I converted theplrstore over to a completely new platform. Brand new sales system. And obviously a new look and many new features. Still many things to edit, but it’s running. Was a major event.

      Glad you like the rules.

      Persistence in listbuilding is an advantage for sure.

      Yes, way to many charities… good one lol

      Glad you liked the post. Fingers are back, pecking away.

      Good to see you and thanks for the comment!

  • Hey Ron,

    Your last point struck a really positive nerve with me. Couldn’t agree more… don’t just ask me to subscribe. Give me a reason to subscribe.

    At the end of each article I have an image that says: “Make Me a Better Marketer…” Nothing at all about subscribing.

    You made a few other great points as well that I really resonated with.

    #2 – Quit giving everything away.

    AMEN!!! I experimented with an idea that worked so well I’m moving forward with it. The article was published in August and it was aimed at those businesses looking to hire a qualified web designer but had no idea where to start.

    At the end of the article I gave them an option to opt-in and receive a free pdf download of the 3 step process they should go through to qualify the designer / firm. Once they opt-in and are on the download page there is another option for $5 to purchase the right questions to ask a web designer in each interview.

    It worked brilliantly.

    I find Ron one of the biggest issues facing blogging today is the idea that you cannot ask for money as a backlash to all of the spamming, etc.

    You can so long as you provide real value (which I define as solve one problem, for one person, in one article) and then ask them to do something with that new found knowledge (ideally buy me).

    Again, I stress, it works if you ask the right way.

    Great post Ron!

    ~ Don Purdum

    • Hey Don,

      Good to see you. Glad you liked the content.

      Yes, it seems far to often you see the plain old boring “Subscribe to…”. I don’t know about any one else, but the word Subscribe alone almost implies a commitment, or somewhat negative. Maybe it’s just me. Guess I just don’t like that word. But I am weird too.

      Your experiment is further proof the tired and true systems work. They trusted you enough to give you their email address, so they are more likely to give you money. But you need to give them a good reason, a reason that makes them want to in the first place. I think the stats say that it’s normal to get 30% for upsells or squeeze page -> upsell. Glad it worked so well for you. Obviously you set it up right.

      Well, I think we can still ask for money, but it takes more than “Buy my Stuff” or a buy button. Of course there needs to be some trust, reputation helps, good copy and targeted products. And as you mentioned, providing real value.

      It also depends on the site. A blog is primarily content,the visitor is there to read or learn, gleam some information. Not exactly a selling website. But with say a store, it’s only purpose is to sell stuff, and visitors know it. Different visitor mindset. Think that can make a big difference.

      I agree, if you ask right. Good thought 🙂

      Thanks for the comment Don.

  • Hi Ron,

    There are millions of blogs, but few are there which are earning well. Bloggers are here to make money, but they forgot many essential things to do.

    I agree with your points of having a mailing list and more. Bloggers should add a newsletter option so that interested people can sign in into their mailing list.

    People should know the secrets of unlocking hidden profits from their blog. I am sure this post will help them a lot.

    Thanks for the post.
    Have a nice day.

    • Hello Ravi,

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Yep, a mailing list is a very good thing. Best way to keep in touch, for what ever reason, with your visitors.

      Glad you liked it. I appreciate the comment. Don’t be a stranger.

  • Linda Schrier

    Hi Ron,

    Nice to meet you and what a great post you have here for us. I liked the simple way you put into words “help enough people get what they want and you’ll get what you want”. I’ve heard it said in different ways, but I like yours the best.

    We should not give all of our information away. It is our content that count’s, so we need to hold some back.

    I’m just learning how to use the social buttons, however I have been using twitter for a few months and you were my guinea pig for some of the social shares today. I think I can have fun with this.

    We must have an email list and learn as many methods as we can to build up our list.

    Great share,Ron and you have an awesome weekend!


    • Hey There Linda.

      Actually I’ve commented on your blog before, some months back, so we have kind of “met” before 🙂

      Thanks for the kind words. I sure wasn’t the first to say it, but glad you like how I pecked it out.

      Yes, we need to hold the good stuff back. Gotta have something to sell at some point.

      Good that I could be of service as the guinea pig. The social thing can be fun. I noticed you shared this post and I greatly appreciate it. I don’t do enough socially myself. Just need to get in to a system, right?

      A list is good, no doubt. And just as important, to keep in touch with our subscribers. Very easy for them to forget us.

      Nice to see you, thank you for the comment and hope to o see you back soon. 🙂

  • Hi, Ron,

    So glad you’re back, and I know what you mean about big projects! So glad you’ve come out on the other side… Great sense of accomplishment, I’m sure. Sure, more profit from our blog is always a good topic. 😉

    Love your point #1. Don’t be afraid to sell on your blog. Most definitely! In my Carol’s Cut series, I’ve promoted something at the end each and every edition, and I will continue this, as it’s a fitting time and place for it. You’re right about it needing moderation though.

    I also see many marketers giving everything away and leaving precious little to charge for, if anything… You’re absolutely right! This is an epidemic.Great tip for building rapport.

    I do see benefits of folks sharing my stuff on social media, but I don’t think list building and that is an apples to apples comparison.

    Yes, was just telling my students on Saturday that the best thing is to have them click a link to go to a thank you page, so they are exposed to other things as well – lots of room to decide what action you want them to take here…

    Yeah, I have done something with my 404 page, it’s a LeadPage for list building. 🙂

    You said it, there is NO excuse for not building a list. So much great information out there on this, and I was just helping someone switch the emphasis of his blog from BOOM buy this, buy this, buy this….To offering value and list building…

    Again, boring is saying free updates when they’re new…why would anyone want free updates when they barely know what you offer?

    Great, thought-provoking article, Ron, thanks for putting this together for us.

    Ciao Ciao,

  • Hey Carol,

    You got it, we need to be promotion. And your an example that it can be done in a truly useful and helping manner. Where is actually adds to the content.

    Oh yes giving stuff away. I don’t think marketers realize that it can often smell of desperation when they give away so much. Even on a sub-conscious level with the visitor. If we took a little more time to craft a give-away and just as importantly the copy for the opt-in, we could turn the tables and be seen more as the expert and authority, and leaving our visitors craving the gift. Well, in theory right?

    Your right, listbuilding and social sharing is quite different. I was just throwing out idea’s on how get one’s name or business out there. Of course a list is the better asset, it just doesn’t always have to be 100% about the list and that we might be able to get something out of those who don’t want to opt-in, or even those that have already opted in. More marketing tactics.

    Of course your taking advantage of your thank you pages, why not? Might not be big rewards, but every little bit helps in my book. Plus it only takes once to set it up and it could run on it’s own for years.

    Fantastic idea on the 404 page! As I said, I know I need to fix mine up.

    Yep, no reason or excuses left not to build a list. Good example about the strong “buy this” mentality. Well, you know, adding value takes you so much further in the long run, than the one shot sale here and there.

    It’s so amazing how often you see the “Sign up for free updates”. And your right, why would they sign up if they don’t even know you. And like you said, what are “updates”? It’s like huh? One that bugs me more is the the sign up for my newsletter. And…??? Then people wonder why they don’t have any one on their list. But I guess at least they are taking some action, it’s a start.

    Appreciate the outstanding comment! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  • Hey Ron,

    Long time no see. Good to see you back on Kingged.com

    Someone’s been busy, but constructively busy, as a bee, not aimlessly busy, as a housefly… so that’s good, 🙂

    I can see lots of changes on this ThePLRstore.com site. You have really been busy good. Bravo! Did you eventually get that issue resolved yourself or you got outside help?

    Anyway, good to see you back and even better that you got a lot done during the time. Sometimes it’s just necessary to shut off on other aspects to give us time to spend on and finish the more important stuff. I do it all the time. That’s the only way to get very important stuff completed, sometimes.

    I think the same is true about this post – instead of spending endless months or even years just giving everything away, especially your valuable time, without getting anything in return, spending time also thinking of ways to RECEIVE from your blog readers, money-wise, is a good idea.

    For example, instead of continuously writing blog post after blog post without making any money from your blog readers, slowing down on that and focusing more on creating a product or service to provide might be the better future move.

    Thankfully you have covered more of the smart ways of unlocking the hidden profits inherent in one’s blog. But of course, that’s if the blog and readership are of good quality, to begin with, 😉

    Good to see you back again, Ron. Talk soon.


    • Hey Mr Kingsley,

      Good to be back. Yes, I think it was very constructive. Still 1,000’s of little things to fix (literally), but little by little I’ll get there.

      I did get it resolved myself. Actually it was a very simple fix. Kick myself for not thinking about it sooner. Wasting all that time. Stuff happens, you can’t dwell, right?

      Yep, I was messing around for too long, I had to get serious and get it done. Some big things I had to do by hand, so distractions had to go. Glad I did.

      You got it, we should always be thinking about how to profit when we can. Smart bloggers should have that mindset before and during the process of creating our content. Should be a part of the process? If we did, I think we’d have a few more bucks in our pocket. I know I don’t always have that mindset.

      Good idea about creating products. Couldn’t agree with you more. Well, it goes back to the mindset. Create your product or service, then craft your content so it centers on, focuses on, or leads into the paid product or service. Not that difficult to provide usable content that leads into something for sale.

      Nice to see you has well. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a wonderful comment.

      Talk soon 🙂

  • Enstine Muki

    Hey Ron,

    Welcome back. Glad to understand your project gor finished

    I love the statement “Help Enough people get what they want and you’ll get what you want” I think the idea of making money completely revolves round this statement, maybe put differently.

    People are not online for fun and even if they are there for the fun, they still seek to satisfy some desire. Once you help them get what they want, for the most part, they’ll give you their money.

    In the past, I did something on my blog and I still intend to go back to it. I created what I called ‘premium posts’ These are actually not free posts. Readers pay about $1 or so to unlock access. In my first attempt, I sold over 30 copies. While that may not be a source of huge earnings, it can help pay my web hosting bills or buy some premium plugin for my blog.

    I think there are still some hidden ways to milk money from our blogs we are yet to uncover.

    Thanks for coming back with the bright thought to feed us with something worth reading

    hope you are having a wonderful weekend

    • Hey Enstine,

      Good to be back. Now to get back into a routine 🙂

      I’ve heard of the idea of paid posts, but never tried them. I know most of the membership/subscription plugins have that option. Awesome to hear it’s worked for you. Hey, if you can make money from your posts, however big all small, I think makes it worth it. Your going to write posts anyways.

      It’s another income stream. And if you think about it, put up enough posts like that over time, they could add up as new people pay for past posts. Actually could add up to a real nice regular income. Better yet, have a sidebar widget that promotes those posts and you keep driving traffic to them. I like that idea.

      Plus, being micro payments, I think people would be more likely to pay. Low cost Impulse items? I think so! As I think about it, done right, I would think those should be much better converting compared to sidebar ads. Think you’re on to something.

      I agree, plenty of ways we do not, or have not explored yet.

      Thanks for the welcome back and I appreciate you taking the time to stop by and leave a great comment.

      Hope you have a wonderful weekend as well.

  • Hey Ron,

    Its been a good minute and I see you were working on a project. Good thing you finished it!

    You gave some great tips here about email list building and the bribe.

    One thing that I have added, which correlates with what you said in Rule #3, is that I have people tweet my opt in page. Once they join, I ask them to tweet my page out to their audience so they can download my ebook and get on my list as well. This works great if they have some influence.

    Yes, one thing people are afraid of doing is selling on their blog itself. I was skeptical at first after reading so many blogs about “providing value”, and we all want that value to come back to us as well. Financially that is. Exchanging value is key.

    Another thing is I wrote one ebook and I’m writing another (been procrastinating to finish it within last 2 months). I have been getting leads with this one bribe and I’m making sure I don’t write these free bribes long enough for it to be a novel LOL.. if I do that, I’m selling 😉 But I make sure that my content is at least attractive and draw interest enough for them to want to keep of with new posts I put out.

    Thanks for sharing Ron! I hope you have a great day!

    • Hey Sherman,

      Good to see you. Excellent tip about social sharing on the download page, I love it Actually have not thought about it myself. Missing out. To add to it, a content locker might even increase the number of shares, like an extra report if they share the optin page.

      Well, the way I see it, like you said, it’s an exchange. It’s not that difficult to provide value and still promote something. And if we think about it long enough, we can create our value ladden posts that are perfect lead-ins to a paid product or service. Just might have to use a few extra brain cells 🙂

      I agree, it can be easy to write or give out too much. Good to hear it is working for you. Always a good thing.

      You need to get that ebook done! Stop procrastinating. I am guilty myself. Have a number of books I want to get on Kindle, but keep putting it off, or getting side tracked.

      Appreciate the comment. Don’t be a stranger. Hope you have a awesome week.

  • Hi Ron,

    I’m not afraid of being up front and telling people my blog is a business. Asking someone to purchase a product/service I offer is fine with me. I have done some experiments for CTA’s and am finding that embedding links within the post itself is working great. Just a blue clickable link that says different things that do apply to the post itself. Its a “free list building” hook.

    Yes..I cannot say enough about list building. But I don’t give away the farm lol. If they wan to know more about my products and services, they will opt into my list via a free thing or for one reason or another. I don’t like to put up “subscribe” ….subscribe to what? That always makes me shake my head lol.

    It is all about our list building and marketing. Our blogs ARE part of our business plan and we need to give good content, but not everything.


    • Hello Donna,

      Always good to see you.

      You definitely are one of those that sell their products and services. I of course mean that in a good way. Your business is a prime example of how to do it right 🙂

      And your a tester? Good for you. It’s amazing how many people don’t test. As they say, they are leaving money on the table. Not that I do enough of it myself.

      Oh those blue underlined links are gold aren’t they? Some years back I read a blog post, think it was conversion doctor, and his test confirmed the standard blue underlined hyper links out performed anything else. Makes perfect sense, that is what most people are conditioned for, it’s what most people are use to, it’s how it all started. Need to start using them more myself.

      No doubt about listbuilding. I’ve been online since 1998 and have seen SO many traffic sources go away or just stop working. And we all know search engine traffic is not that stable or reliable, least not long term. (no matter what the guru’s say).

      A list or lists is one of the few stable forms of traffic, if not the only stable one. Besides paid traffic.

      I am with you, I cringe when I see “subscribe”. But as I am sure you know, it’s all over the net. Just as bad as “Join…”. Or “sign up for updates”. Ouch.

      You got it, listbuilding and marketing. It’s sure not rocket science.

      Appreciate your comment Donna. Hope you see you around the sphere again soon. 🙂

  • Hi Ron.
    Just a quick question…asking here since you have been active in these comments. Are the pre-built amazon stores that are included in Guthrie’s amasuite program up-to-date? or perhaps auto-updated? If not, can I contact you about replacing one or more of those with the latest version? Asking you for 2 reasons….amasuite states they are not responsible for the bonus stuff…and….some of the stuff in amasuite is 2-3 years old.
    thanks so much

    • Hey Tyler,

      I am not affiliated with them, don’t know them and gain nothing from what they do. So I have no idea what they sell or give as bonuses. Couldn’t tell you how new or old anything is. Sorry, just don’t know them. They are similar to a reseller in this case (bonuses) and since they benefit 100%, they are responsible for support.

      Since I am not affiliated with them, and since I gain nothing from what they do, you could of course get replacements from me, but they would need to be purchased. I would be willing to offer you a discount, but that is the best I can do.

      Does that help? Anything else, let me know.

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  • Hi Ron

    Great to be here!

    Really helpful post too.

    Love your first point especially – ya gotta make some dough! Some bloggers have a hangup about that. Maybe they don’t think they’re worthy or something. Some may even think they’re on some sort of a moral crusade, but at the end of the day we have to get our hands dirty – and make some money.

    Your quote about helping people get what they want is spot on, but the key is to do it with commercial intent.

    Thanks again Ron


    • Hey Kim,

      Good to have you here.

      Isn’t it something that so many bloggers seem to be afraid to sell? Then they are complaining they are not making money. A simple process. I don’t know if it’s so much worthy (though could be), but more, I wonder if they think they will scare off readers? Or they might offend them in some way? Don’t see many readers getting bothered with some promotional links. If they are, not the traffic you want anyways.

      You could be right, a moral crusade. More power to them. Just don’t whine if you’re not making any dough 🙂

      I like that, “With commercial intent”. Yep, no sense hiding the fact that you’re in it to make an income. Should bring about more qualified traffic as well.

      Appreciate the comment Kim and thanks for stopping by. Don’t be a stranger.

  • Hi Ron,

    Let me start by saying welcome back and that I love your writing style, it’s unique.
    We all know that the sole aim of any business is to make profit so if we see our blogs as our business then we would make profit out of it right?

    I’ve not started making money from my blog though but it’s a top priority for me but first of all I want to build trust and provide value for my visitors first so they can return the favour by buying from me.

    There’s one point you listed that am guilty of and that’s not having a mailing list but am working on setting up one soonest.

    Thanks for sharing these spot on rules with us.

    Have a splendid day

    • Hey Kore,

      Thank you for your kind words. Unique? Cool. I’ll take it 🙂

      Yep, if we see them as businesses, we should at least have a chance of making a profit.

      Nothing wrong with wanting to build trust and provide value. Though both can be done and bloggers can still promote. I guess to me they are two aspects that can and should be combined. Not too difficult to provide value and plug something. If we think about it we can weave them together, even seamlessly? Just need to put our mind to it, make it a part of the content process. Not that I’ve mastered it myself.

      Seems many bloggers think it has to be one of the other. Or they don’t see how it can be both.

      Honestly, I believe that every piece of content should have some CTA, click, share, free or paid, or why bother? If we don’t ask our readers to do something, the blog is really just a hobby.

      Well, that is my opinion 🙂

      Plenty of people don’t build a list you’re not the only one. I am guilty of it myself. But the effort sure can pay off.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Appreciated!

      Hope to see you again soon.

  • Hey Peter,

    Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the kind words. Glad you enjoyed the post.

    That’s me, simple 🙂

    Linking to a download page is so easy and it always surprises me how many marketing don’t take advantage of the space. Why not? Takes only a few minutes and done for good. Set it and forget it.

    I don’t know the stats about the PDF deal, but I do know it’s brought me traffic in the past and another opportunity to get our content out there. Get it on their computers as well.

    Sounds like you have a good idea going with your blog. Nothing is more refreshing than being real. Even better to point out mistakes every one can learn from.

    I agree, list building does tend to sound more promotional. Community building is a good one. Maybe even some kind of “communication”? You got it, building that relationship is so important. And of course the most important part of having a list, the ability to drive traffic back to our sites.

    Again, glad you stopped by. And that you read my story on Enstine’s blog. He’s a good guy and great blogger.

    Best wishes to you and your village. Don’t be a stranger. Hope we talk soon.

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