The Blame Game – Your Talking Nonsense

Full disclaimer – This is a rant.

A well needed one for some folks.

You’ve been warned.

Most people get it. But there are a few that don’t and seems they never will?

And one of the reason’s so many people don’t make anything online, or make very little.

I doubt this will be a wakeup call, but hey, gotta try.

And just get it off my chest.

First up…

Recently there was a comment to a blog post about a particular autoresponder service that made me think, “nonsense”.

This blogger had a fantastic review on a certain higher quality service.

What was interesting, well nonsense, was a comment made to that blog post.

The commenter went on to say that they had tried all these other autoresponder services and they were too expensive.

We’re talking about quality services that have very fair prices.

Here’s the truth…

It’s not that a service is too expensive, it’s that you’re not REALLY using it. Or you’re not using it correctly.

It goes like this…

If my autoresponder service is not paying for itself, if I am not making a profit from using the service, it’s my fault.

I take full responsibility.

It is NOT the services fault.

And it would be nonsense to say the service was to expensive.

Granted when I say this, I am talking about using quality services.

Here’s a named example: Aweber.

Sure they are not perfect, and they do not provide super fancy options, but they are a high quality service that works quite well.

Time-tested, battle-approved.

No doubt one can make money by building a list AND marketing to that list with their service.

I know because I’ve used it for many years and it’s not that difficult to make it pay for itself.

Then there are the cheapskates…

Don’t even get me started on people who don’t want to pay for hosting or want cheap as cheap.

Hosting is the MOST important part of your internet business.

If your website does not work, or does not work correctly, or it’s too slow, what happens?

Your business suffers.

Lost traffic. Lost Sales. Lost Income.

So, why would you want to cheap out or try to get it for free?

Wouldn’t a smarter move be to PAY for quality hosting so your business has the best chance of turning a profit?

If your just getting started, I am not suggesting you should pony up for a $200 a month dedicated service. Not at all.

I am only saying, start with quality host.

Most every one of them offer starter packages, and almost every time, you can move up as your business grows.

There is also the difference in quality, and sometimes quality comes at a price.

You get what you pay for?

That means, $5 a month hosting “might” not be quality. Might be exceptions to the rule, but from what I’ve seen they are few and far between.

I have a personal experience with this one.

Recent, as in the last month.

With my previous host, one of my sites was hitting a speed score of 86.

Google PageSpeed Insights for the score.

After switching to a better hosting service that same site is running a solid 92 speed score, with NO changes to the site.

I just moved it to a better service. That’s it.

Yes it’s not 100, but it went up and I am sure I can boost it up even more.

You know that search engines use site speed as a part of their ranking system.

Another very important reason not to cheap out.

This also goes back to my example above. If your hosting is not paying for itself, and your using a quality service, it’s not the fault of the hosting. You also can’t say it’s too expensive.

I understand…

Said it before, but I’ll say it again.

That I understand sometimes money is tight. Been there, done that. Don’t have the t-shirt because I couldn’t afford it.

So I can understand when folks want or need to save money.

I get it.

I am also the first one to try and save money or be thrifty. Admittedly, too much some times.

But there needs to be a line, between “cheap” and what’s best for your business.

Look, I am not trying to knock any one, not trying to put any one down, I just think some folks need a reality check.

A different mindset?

And in the end, if you want to blame products and services, or say they are too expensive, go for it, but don’t cry and complain you’re not making any money.

It comes down to this…

[bctt tweet=”If you want a business that profits, you need to invest, and treat it like a business.”]

Otherwise, we don’t want to hear your complaints.

Okay, enough of my rant.

Do you have anything to add?

Love to hear from you… leave a comment below.

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