So you haven’t made money online?

Guessing I am not the only one that has heard the same o’…

“I’ve been trying this internet thing for years and have not made any money.”


“I’ve tried everything and I haven’t made any money.”

You see it on the forum and message boards. I’ve had people email me with the same comments.

I want to be as tactful as possible, but I don’t know how else to say it.

For the record…

Just to be perfectly clear…

To eliminate the excuses…

• Buying how to make money products does not automatically make you money.

• Putting up a website does not make you money.

• Unfinished projects do not make you money.

• Just saying you’ve tried everything when you really haven’t does not make you money. Of course.

Now, on the other hand…

• Buying how to make money product, learning from them, and taking action CAN make you money. Most products that is.

• Putting up websites with advertisements and ACTUALLY driving traffic to the site CAN make you money.

• Finishing projects, getting them up and running, and getting them in front of potential buyers or customers CAN make you money.

• Being real honest with yourself and looking at what you’ve really done or have not done, CAN lead you to doing the above and CAN make you money.

You’ll notice I’ve said CAN. There is no guarantee any one will earn online. Too many variables.

I am not knocking any one. Not trying to give any one a hard time, or trying to put any one down.

I’m guilty too. Along with everyone else on the planet, I have not always taken the action I should or could.

Doubt any one can say they’ve taken massive action at every turn. If they do, their pants are probably on fire.

Hey, it’s human nature. Doesn’t make any one a bad person, doesn’t make any one lazy. Usually.

But, obviously the problem is that many people don’t take enough action. Worst they make excuses, even in their mind, or they justify them in some way or another, to the point that it keeps them from finding any success or profits on the interwebs, the googles or the youtubes.

Let’s make this super easy…

The magically secret formula for making money online is…

Now, you have to promise you won’t give away my underground money-getting super-secret tactic to anyone else okay?

Pinky swear?

Cross your heart?

I’m going to trust you here.

The real secret to making money online is…

Selling or promoting something and putting your offer(s) in front of people.

That is it. Wow, amazing huh? And you probably already knew it.

Yes, many people will likely speak up and say there is more to it than that. What about conversions, traffic quality, the product or service, the offer, ect, ect, ect.

When we start talking about all the other stuff, many people start to over-complicate a simple process. They get over-whelmed.

Instead, why not…

Start simple. Put up a website, finish it, put up some advertisements and drive traffic to it.

That’s not too difficult for any one.

Later you can work on improving ad click through rates. You can test different products or services to sell.

Just get something up and “running”.

If you do that, and it gets enough visitors, it gets enough people to see what your offering, it’s almost impossible to not make some cash.

For those that say it’s not that easy, are just going to kill the simplicity. And put doubt into your mind.

We don’t need that right? Doubt is one of the biggest dream crushers there ever was.

Don’t let it happen to you. Promise?

If you need to, listen to someone like Tony Robbins. Find something that inspires or motivates you. Could be your favorite song. Who knows.

Unless you enjoy you day job?

My point is this…

If you have not made money online yet, don’t tell me you’ve tried everything. Because I know you have not. If you’ve tried everything, took action and followed through, you would have made money.

It’s almost near impossible to fail if you do the work from beginning to end.

Granted some things do not always work out. It happens. I’ve had plenty of flops. Sure I will have more in the future.

But if you’ve tried everything and it has not put dollars in your pay pal account, you’re not being totally honest. Or you do not realize what you’re not doing.

I said I wanted to make this simple. So no one has an excuse any more.

Your smart. I know you can do this.

If you want more of the “details” you’re welcome to check out my previous posts:

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Long as you promise me, you won’t let it over-whelm you. You won’t let it get to complicated. Okay?

Over to you…

Anything to add? Anything I missed? Have something to say? I am way off?

Love to hear your thoughts, so be sure to leave a comment below.

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