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Unlock Hidden Profits From Your Blog

Oh Ya I am back! Locked myself up the last few months to get a major project finished. One I had been working on for WAY to long. Really, Really needed to be done. It was do or die time. And since I am typing this I must have come out on the other side. […]

WordPress Blog Forget Me Not Checklist

Part of my online business model is creating and selling turnkey websites that run on wordpress. Such as these: PLR Websites, Digital Turnkey Stores. Although I’ve setup 100’s of wordpress sites, without fail, it seems like I always forget something. Every single time. That or I am just getting old and the brain cells are far and […]

Advanced Guide To Internet Marketing

Time to amp it up and throw out some power tips to increase your online business. If you’ve read my previous post, Beginners Guide To Internet Marketing, you’ll know I covered many of the basics when it come to making money online. Don’t go any further if you have not read the previous guide. Unless you’re […]

Blog Comment Management System Shakedown

As you well know, comments are a very important part of any blog. You could have killer content, but without comments, it can leave a little to be desired. I guess you could say it’s puts a little OOMPH in your blog. Adds to credibility, helps build your authority status. Builds trust. And frankly, a blog without […]

1 Simple Yet Very Powerful Marketing Tactic

1 Simple Yet Very Powerful Marketing Tactic Let me ask you something… Are your blog visitors not coming back for more? Are your emails not getting opened? Not getting enough engagement on social platforms? What if I told you there is a simple marketing tactic that could help you solve all those problems? A technique […]

Never Ending Blog Commenting Tips

Lately I’ve been doing quite a bit of blog commenting and I’ve seen many “mistakes” by other comments. So I thought I’d start a list of the do’s and don’ts of blog commenting. I titled it never-ending because I’ll be adding more as they come to mind. This list also includes my own mistakes of […]

Your Blog is [bleep]ing Boring

Just my two cents here… I read many blogs, on a daily basis and frankly, many of them are boring as all get out. Now don’t get me wrong, there are many intelligent people in the blog-sphere putting out some fantastic content. No doubt about it. Also, this post is NOT about the actual CONTENT. So I’m not knocking any […]

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