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Affiliate Marketing Breakdown

Okay… I was looking over the blog for some posts to send to some one [...]


Thick Skin and You Can’t Please Them All…

You back again? Geez... Okay stalker, here's some food for thought... Over the years I've [...]

Can You Really Earn Online?

It’s a question I’ve seen and heard often over the years. Actually I received an [...]

Are You Being Greedy?

Last couple days I've been helping a customer and it's inspired this post. Super nice [...]

Should You REALLY Be Yourself Blogging?

A short one today. I call it a wonder post. Something that makes me wonder.


Forum Marketing Tips That Boost Your Business

DISCLAIMER: I am not a professional forum marketer. The follows is what I've found to [...]


PLR Affiliate Program has Launched

For many years now people have asked if there was a plr affiliate program for [...]


Unlock Hidden Profits From Your Blog

Oh Ya I am back! Locked myself up the last few months to get a [...]


Upgrade Notice and Big Changes

If you've been to theplrstore com before, like previous to a week ago, you might [...]


WordPress Blog Forget Me Not Checklist

Part of my online business model is creating and selling turnkey websites that run on [...]


So you haven’t made money online?

Guessing I am not the only one that has heard the same o'... "I've been [...]

The Blame Game – Your Talking Nonsense

Full disclaimer - This is a rant. A well needed one for some folks. You've [...]

Advanced Guide To Internet Marketing

Time to amp it up and throw out some power tips to increase your online [...]

Blog Comment Management System Shakedown

As you well know, comments are a very important part of any blog. You could [...]

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